Interactive Map

Here’s your chance to learn more about The Day the Falls Stood Still landmarks.  Click on a landmark on the map.

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13 Responses to “Interactive Map”

  1. Mindy fangedmom

    Cathy this is so cool! OH MY GOSH! What a great visual. Now I have read the book again and look at this map. This is truly genius!!

  2. Nina

    The interactive map was very helpful in placing the events of the story and it’s landmarks. Thank you

  3. Herbert H. Dawrs

    Casey “Sonny” Piper and I, best friends, walked and crawled the 1938 ice jam round trip from Lewiston to Queenston at dusk. We were 9 years old and scared. The huge jumble was moving, grinding and screeching. A gaggle of people were watching from Robson’s enclosed deck at the top of the river bank. My Dad was there and raised loving punishment to a new level. He also got bragging rights.



    I am writing a novel about site #8 where my G.G. Grandfather built and ran a tourist elevator from 1869 – 1901. My novel will merge family history with Niagara history. I’m reading your novel now and am half way, very interesting read.


  5. Aasa


    I, too, found this map helpful in visualizing where the events in your novel took place, even though I have visited Niagara Falls many times over the last half decade, and could easily visualize many of those places by your descriptions of them and by what I have seen myself along the route.

    P.S., I enjoyed your novel, and spent many hours devouring the last third of it over the last few days, as I knew the copy I had borrowed from the Toronto Public Library was due back yesterday, since I could not renew it, as there were impending holds on the book. So, I did my best, yesterday and this morning, to finish the book as fast as I could without missing out on your wonderful writing.

    Tonight, after cooking fish for dinner for the family, and checking in with my own sister, I am feeling a bit winded, like I’ve time-travelled to Niagara Falls in another era, and back, in the matter of some hours. 😉


  6. Lisa

    Thank you for providing this interactive map. It’s very interesting to see all the major landmarks highlighted. I can picture the characters walking through the streets, attending the Loretto Academy and living in a ‘real’ Canadian city. I can’t wait to visit Niagara Falls again:)
    Well done!

  7. Julia


    I had to read your book for school and I live in Welland. It is so awesome to be able to picture the whereabouts of everything, and I was actually wondering how people that have never had the pleasure of seeing the captivating falls would picture it, and if there’s impression would be different, but this map is just so amazing and also helps place where things were then that are not there now.

    Oh, and by the way, your book is the first book my teachers didn’t have to force me to read. You know how some people need that one book to get them interested, well that was yours to me!

    Anyways, thank you so much for writing this book and igniting the reader in me (read at least 6 chapters of a book each day!). I really do hope that you continue to write amazing novels such as this.

    Forever your fan, Julia!

  8. Mickey van Riel

    I read your book in two days. I could not put it down. Right to the very end it kept my interest. The characters were very well developed.
    It would be helpful to have this map included in the book.

  9. Grace Lankin

    Wish this was in the book, but glad I discovered it before BC tomorrow aft. Would like to see pic of the falls as they were in 1915. Thanx for a wonderful read!

  10. Karen Walsh

    Cathy, I just finished your book, which I raced through. I have a Saint John, N.B. Library copy and plan to buy my own so I can reread more slowly and share with friends. Wonderful book; loved the topic, story line and characters. The Interactive Map is very helpful. I too would like to see the falls as they were before the diversions started.

  11. A Bell

    In the middle of reading this book, I visited Niagara Falls (for a longer stay than the two previous trips) but unfortunately didn’t find this website with the map until after we had left. Just being there, however, made the story come alive. The ongoing battle between preserving beauty and satisfying energy and other consumer needs will always be with us. I found this cartoon commentary from 1915 depicting the concern nearly a century ago of the future of the falls: (from the US Library of Congress).

  12. Manon

    I am a regular visitor of Niagara Falls, Ontario since 1988 (every summer!). I’ve come to think of Niagara as HOME so reading your book took me HOME…Close your eyes and you are there !